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If the smell of Hiba welcomes you go through the gate. Enjoy relaxing in the hot water between beauty.
The rooms enjoy a hot spring open-air bath with a sound of hot spring spa, source of flow over time without having to worry about overlooking the city of Yudanaka And families with small children, as a couple, so it is recommended TV. Try a massage chair after a bath. I promise to heal physical and mental holiday

客室タイプ 和室 バス・トイレ(ウォシュレット完備)付き

客室タイプ 和室 バス・トイレ(ウォシュレット完備)付き

8 Tatami mats (Capacity 1-3 People)
10 Tatami mats (Capacity 4 People)
Mountain or river views

It is a room where you can enjoy a wonderful view of Yomasegawa. Leave the bustle, we enjoy a moment of relaxation

客室タイプ 和洋室 バス・トイレ(ウォシュレット完備)付き

客室タイプ 和洋室 バス・トイレ(ウォシュレット完備)付き

Japanese-style tatami twin bed + 8
Mountain view
twin bed with standard room with mountain view

It is a room full of natural mountain views. Holidays in the green room, which is surrounded by the best.


Air-conditioning, fridge, TV, kettle, tea set, yukata, thickly-wadded large-size kimono, bath towel, towel, toothbrush
All rooms have LCD TV ~ ~ will become practical and air (terrestrial digital broadcasting)